7 proven ways to save on your home insurance



Protecting your home with insurance is essential, but premiums can add up. The good news is, savvy homeowners don't have to pay full price.

Understanding how to score home insurance discounts can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over time. Let's uncover the secrets to lowering those premiums!

7 proven ways to save on your home insurance

1. Bundle Up: Insurance Power Combo

Insurance companies love it when you give them more of your business. Bundling your homeowners and auto insurance with the same provider can unlock major discounts, sometimes up to 25%! While bundling sometimes makes sense, always compare quotes from different insurers to ensure you're getting the best possible rate.

2. Upgrade Your Defenses

Investing in home security and safety boosts your peace of mind and can lower your insurance costs. Adding smart home devices like monitored smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and water leak sensors demonstrates to insurers that you're proactive about risk reduction. Many companies offer specific discounts for these enhancements.

3. Stay Loyal...Sometimes

Insurance companies value long-term customers. Sticking with your insurer year after year might qualify you for loyalty discounts. However, don't let loyalty blind you!  It still pays to shop around and compare rates from other insurers every few years.

4. Fortify Your Home

Newer, well-maintained homes often attract lower premiums due to less inherent risk. If you've upgraded your roof, electrical system, or plumbing, let your insurer know. These improvements can translate to savings. Additionally, building your home with fire-resistant materials could also earn you a discount.

5. Smart Payment Strategies

Some insurers offer discounts for paying your annual premium in full rather than in installments. Automatic payments might also shave a few dollars off your bill. Even small discounts add up over time!

6. Maintain a Clean Claims Record

Insurance is ultimately about managing risk. A history of frequent claims can make insurers wary.  Avoid filing small claims that you could easily handle out-of-pocket.  Focus on prevention, and save those claims for major incidents.

7. Shop Around and Claim New Customer Discounts

Competition in the insurance market is good for consumers! When your policy is up for renewal, don't simply accept the same rate. Explore other insurers who may offer a sweeter deal for new customers,  plus additional discounts on top!


Do all insurers offer the same discounts?

No, discounts vary between companies and policies. Always ask your insurer about specific discounts they offer.

How often should I compare home insurance rates?

It's wise to compare rates every year or two, especially before your policy renews.

Is the cheapest home insurance always the best?

Not necessarily. Consider both price and coverage. Ensure you have adequate protection while getting the best possible value.


Lowering your home insurance premiums doesn't have to be complicated. By implementing these strategies, staying proactive about safety, and shopping wisely, you can score significant savings and keep your home protected.