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FIFA 19 PC Game


Name FIFA 19
First Version Jul 6, 2020
Exploitation Windows 7/8.1/10 (64 bits)
Processor Intel Core i3-2100 at 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 3.4 GHz
Graphics card AMD Radeon R7 260 or NVIDIA GTX 460 1 GB or AMD Radeon R7 260
Storage 50 GB space available
Genre Sports


FIFA 19 was released on September 28, 2018, for PC, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. FIFA 19 was developed by EA Bucharest and EA Canada and is the 26th installment in the FIFA franchise developed by EA sports.

FIFA 19 PC Game Decription

Game Features

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is back in the EA Sports FIFA Series. The European Championship will also make a big splash in FIFA 19, complete with a standalone tournament mode with multiple options to play for any European team. You will find both Europa League in Kick-Off Mode and UCL, Ultimate Team, and Career Mode.

Active Touch System

There is a fundamental change in the way players interact with the ball, allowing for more close control and creativity. This also includes improvements to the first touches, with animations such as the Neymar Trap cited as new sophisticated ways to opponents. We believe this will work in tandem with the improved system with Real Player Motion Technology and the new animation system as well.

New commentary team

New FIFA 19 Europa League and Champions League content will feature an all-new commentary team in lee Dixon and Rae. The former worked as a commentator on ESPN in addition to his acting on BT Sport. Of course, adding new commentators is a wonderful and fun thing that gives you a lot of realism and fun.

FIFA 19 PC Game Features

Dynamic Tactics

If you think you are a bit of a tactical genius, Dynamic Tactics will provide options for tweaking your team before and mid-game. EA has released few details about this feature so far, but we know that the reimagined will allow for multiple tactical approaches, combining different play styles and factors to help adapt to your needs.

The Ultimate Team Division Rivals

The new Division Rivals matchmaking system will replace the online season mode in FUT. All players will be placed in one of the ten divisions based on their skill and proficiency level which is determined through a series of leveling matches.

Each week, players will be able to compete in competitions with other players in the same division to earn rewards and rewards and prizes. Not only that, but players will also be able to rise in the ranks every week and track their progress.

Hunter Alex Has Signed For Real Madrid

Alex has moved to Los Blancos, Where he will try to help his club Real Madrid lift their 14th Champions League title.

Champions Channel

EA is focused on encouraging players to develop and improve this year. Where the heroes channel will broadcast the most prominent games for highly skilled players so that players with weak skills can watch, develop and learn.

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