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Download the latest version of Score Hero 2 MOD APK, here you will also find all the information you need about this Android game in detail.

Score Hero 2 Mod APK V 2.75 Review & Download - RK Store
Score Hero 2 Mod APK


Name Score Hero 2
Updated Sep 21, 2021
MOD Unlimited coins
Size 415.89 Mb
Version 2.75
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Genre Sports
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
Google Play Link  com.firsttouchgames.hero2


Be the saint as you find the extraordinary football interactivity in Score Hero when you take part in sensible football matches in an entirely different methodology.

That being said, rather than taking part in every one of the occasions during a match, you'll end up in basic circumstances that require your finesses and abilities.

Convey staggering passes to open the opportunities for your partners or release incredible shots that will consume the net utilizing the instinctive touch controls in the game.

  • Bend the ball how you require it as you leave the rivals standing.

Discover more with regard to this astounding game from First Touch Games with our surveys.

Score Hero 2 APK latest version Download

Score Hero 2 Story

In the game, players are permitted to make their own special football player, follow his emotional profession as you end up in different circumstances where you're so a long way behind in the game.

Utilize your astonishing abilities and strategic capacities to turn the circumstance around as you end up as the winner of them.

Experience the vivid football profession ongoing interaction in Score Hero more than ever. Find numerous issues, both all through the game, where you'll settle on speedy and conclusive choices, in light of the circumstances.

So resist the urge to panic, perform at your best, and become the best footballer the world has at any point delivered.

Score Hero 2 Features

Here you'll find every one of the astonishing highlights that the game brings to the table:

Customize your hero player

First thing, gamers in Score Hero will approach the completely movable person customizations.

Here, you're allowed to make extraordinary characters with shifted attributes including hairdos, beards, material science, regalia, number, embellishments, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Make magnificent heroes with special looks and feels, so you can take them out to the field.

Contend with the best players in the game as you carry greatness to yourself and your country.

Moreover, on the off chance that you wish to change your look once you're in the game, there are additionally in-game customizations that you could utilize.

Intuitive and addictive gameplay

Along with the basic controls, Score Hero acquaints gamers with very open interactivity.

With natural highlights, you can without much of a stretch get to know the game and immediately improve at it.

Nonetheless, don't believe that you're now dominating the game since the accompanying levels will just get increasingly hard.

Be that as it may, don't stress, since the habit-forming interactivity will make you continue to return for additional.

A lot of different levels to explore

To permit you to investigate the interesting and habit-forming interactivity without limit, Score Hero right now includes in excess of 660 distinct levels.

Every one of the highlights novel elements and difficulties that you would positively view as intriguing.

Also, the raising hardships will permit the game to remain engaging as far as might be feasible.

Besides, with more levels being added with each update, you'll wind up partaking in the game to an ever-increasing extent.

Discover the interesting career mode in the game

As you jump into Score Hero, you'll approach the great profession mode, where you'll set out on your own excursion.

Start at a modest start and move gradually upon the positions to have the option to play for the best groups in the entire world.

Take on numerous adversaries and consistently contend energetically as you can to get the triumphs.

Notwithstanding, the emotional profession that you're going to experience won't stop there.

In reality, you'll wind up through many high points and low points as you partake in the existence of a footballer.

Take part in extraordinary stories that would change your entire vocation. Numerous things are hanging tight for you later on.

Become the best footballer and carry wonder to your country

Wind up finishing your youth dreams in Score Hero as you figure out how to turn into a significant player of the group.

Function admirably with your colleagues, work on your procedures, find different strategies, etc.

Make an honest effort to win against your adversaries, get grants, gather prizes, and address your nation to contend in the biggest competitions in the entire world. Carry wonders to yourself and to your country.

Download Score Hero Mod APK

Football fans in Score Hero will end up approaching the one-of-a-kind interactivity that you've never seen.

That being said, the instinctive and intelligent levels will permit you to get various advancements all through the matches.

Modify your characters and settle on your own decisions to encounter one-of-a-kind vocation ways in Score Hero.

Score Hero 2 Mod APK V 2.75

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