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Candy Crush Jelly Saga MOD APK 2.77.10 Review & Download
Candy Crush Jelly Saga MOD APK


Name Candy Crush Jelly Saga
Updated Sep 12, 2021
MOD Unlimited Lives
Size 79 Mb
Version 2.77.10
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Genre Puzzle
Developer King
Google Play Link  com.king.candycrushjellysaga


Candy Crush gamers celebrate as they wind up in one more extraordinary candy experience into the sweet domain, where you'll jump into the astonishing match-three levels.

Find the new storyline as you set out on another Candy Crush venture. Investigate and experience new levels with intriguing arrangements and ongoing interaction as you investigate the great universe of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

This time, investigate the new interactivity wherein you'll defy the squirming, shaking Jelly Queen as you take on a progression of intriguing riddle levels and open new stories.

End up once again into the universe of Candy Crush and partake in the game in a reviving arrangement. Approach that large number of astounding highlights and ongoing interaction that you've delighted in before, and find more.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Story

In the game, Android gamers will end up investigating and experiencing the lovely degrees of Candy Crush.

What's more, in this new portion, you'll in any case approach the pleasant match-three ongoing interaction that acquaints you with the universe of sweet.

Interface the equivalent hued confections to pop them up or make new confections with intriguing capacities.

Make employments of those extraordinary confections to adequately clear the stages.

Moreover, with changed ongoing interaction in each level, which includes a wide range of wonderful in-game components, you'll wind up having much more fun with this new round of Candy Crush Jelly.

Besides, you'll likewise get the opportunity to investigate the new treetop world that highlights intriguing characters and exceptional experiences.

Be that as it may, in particular, you'll wind up experiencing the Jelly Queen a considerable amount along with your excursions. Ensure you're totally ready and are fit for overcoming her on different occasions.

Jump into energizing Candy Crush fights as you route the Jelly Queen and guarantee your place as the hero in the game. Partake in the levels and find the exciting Candy Kingdom.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga MOD APK


Classic and Enjoyable Candy Crush gameplay

In the first place, Android gamers will end up partaking in the work of art and charming ongoing interaction of Candy Crush, where you can undoubtedly jump into the unwinding and pleasant match-three interactivity.

Take on a progression of fascinating levels and have a great time while partaking in a totally new storyline.

For most gamers, even the people who aren't acquainted with the establishment, you'll see it moderately easy to become accustomed to the interactivity.

Here, you'll wind up finding the fun and wonderful interactivity of riddles. Join comparable confections and release a wide range of epic sweet and craze responses.

Take on a series of interesting in-game levels

Talking about which, gamers in Candy Crush Jelly Saga will end up approaching in excess of 2000 fascinating riddle levels, each highlighting its own novel arrangements and ongoing interaction.

Here, you'll end up finishing numerous targets and utilizing the Candy Crush powers to adequately address the difficulties.

Advance through a progression of epic riddle tackling levels as you find the fascinating stories with the game.

Also, the sensibly heightening hardships, you'll see at each level in the game is amazingly agreeable.

Unique and interesting challenges with awesome boss battles

What's more, for those of you who're intrigued, you can generally appreciate playing Candy Crush Jelly as you take on fascinating difficulties and face the great managers in the game.

Wind up being tested by a wide range of various supervisors, each having their own forte. Subsequently, promise some incredibly sweet fights.

New game modes with jelly themes to enjoy

Furthermore, to make the game seriously intriguing, Candy Crush Jelly likewise acquaints Android gamers with the fun and fascinating ongoing interaction of Spread the Jelly and Release the Puffers.

Thus, alongside the old interactivity and difficulties, you're likewise allowed to partake in the invigorating new interactivity that is just accessible in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Make use of the classic boosters and buffs

Moreover, gamers in Candy Crush Jelly will likewise approach the fascinating and marvelous buffs and lifts that made the series so well known.

Utilize the stunning powers of the consolidated bits of confections as you adequately bring down your foes and advance in the game.

Also, with the accessibility of new supporters, for example, the Tasty Color Bomb Lollipop and the preferences, you'll observe the game being significantly more pleasant.

Investigate and experience your new experience into the Dreamy Treetop World

Furthermore, as you progress in the game, you'll likewise end up investigating the new and intriguing universe of the Dreamy Treetop. Experience new characters and appreciate many fascinating stories as you go.

Furthermore, obviously, you'll have some good times as you take on the Jelly Queen and cooperate with her intriguing chumps.

Associate with your social records for unlockable highlights

To make the game more agreeable, gamers in Candy Crush Jelly Saga will likewise approach many new highlights just by connecting their social record to the game.

Have a good time as you plunge into the amazing Candy Crush difficulties with companions and internet gamers.

Start by contending in the Leaderboard challenges, appreciate interesting in-game occasions, or challenge your companions with the top scores.

Furthermore, you'll likewise empower the web-based cloud saves, which permit you to safely store your in-game documents.

  • Thus, you'll never lose your in-game advancement, except if you consider it so.

Also, it'll likewise empower the auto-sync include that allows you viably to synchronize your in-game advancement between various gadgets.

Graphics and sound quality


  • Investigate the shocking visual encounters as you plunge into the energizing interactivity of Candy Crush Jelly.

  • Partake in the wonderful, special visualizations each time you arrive at a Candy Crush or Divine streaks.

  • Utilize the intriguing candy buffs and have some good times watching them popping the others.

  • However, in particular, with the undemanding illustrations, gamers in Candy Crush Jelly will wind up investigating the fun and intriguing interactivity without limit.


Along with the astonishing designs, gamers in Candy Crush Jelly will likewise wind up partaking in the unwinding and snappy soundtracks all through their in-game excursions.

Also, the natural and pleasant audio effects each time you complete an impacting streak will likewise be strong, incredibly unwinding, and invigorating. Subsequently, you'll wind up totally snared to the game for quite a long time, as a result of the wonderful audio effects.

Final thoughts

Aficionados of the popular Candy Crush Saga and numerous titles in the series will presently have themselves one more incredible, versatile game to appreciate during your available energy.

With straightforward, natural, but then incredibly habit-forming ongoing interaction, it would set aside little effort for you to begin partaking in the game.

Also, as you progress, the amazing visual encounters, unbelievable audio effects, and top to bottom levels will unquestionably make the game a genuine impact.

Also, you'll likewise approach our adjusted adaptation of the game free of charge, which is totally staggering.

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