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Bullet Angel Mod APK


Name Bullet Angel
Updated Nov 4, 2021
MOD No Ads
Size 1006.79 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Genre Action
Developer Kingame Studio
Google Play Link  com.jssygp.bulletangel


Bullet angel was additionally a PC game before that was lunch in the year 2009, and presently they revamp the game and created on versatile, presently this game was one of the freshest games on android and lunch early this May twelfth, 2021 by "kingame studio".

Although I can't find some data about its game engineers they worked effectively on making this portable game Bullet angel.

In this audit, we will handle and rate a portion of its key point like designs, game-play, controls, maps, a few hints, and generally experience so keep perusing to find out additional, so how about we get everything rolling.

Graphics and Visuals

We should begin with the illustrations, Bullet Angel has a pleasant sort of design, however, it isn't as great as a portion of the games that have come true sort of illustrations or the one that you can find from the games like Life after, Drawn, or Dawn Awakening.

Bullet Angel has some great sort of visuals, In my perspective, Bullet Angel designs are superior to PUBG yet somewhat substandard contrast with COD or Call of Duty versatile.

Yet, this game is only new on versatile, and they can even work on its designs over the long run, yet remember that the higher the illustrations of the games are the more it takes to slack in a portion of the lower specs gadgets.

Outfit and Appearance

Bullet Angel as the game said that this was the most classy FPS portable game, for the present, they have about a couple of outfits to pick, a hairdo, and other stuff that you can purchase with genuine cash to make your character novel from the others.

Before all else when you will pick and make your own person, you will be permitted to change your personal appearance from Hairstyles, face styles, tops, bottoms, shoe styles, and skin tones.

The one that you may pick in top and base and shoes will fill in as your first sort of long-lasting outfit, and from that point onward, it is dependent upon you assuming you need to buy a few outfits and embellishments in their shop.


Next is the GamePlay, where this game stand-isolated since Bullet angel is a game with an interminable gunfight, the game mechanics is essentially killed all that moves.

Bullet Angel has a gigantic heap of game mode and guides for researching where you can battle with irregular individuals or cooperate with your amigos.

We should inspect its fight mode and let me clarify it solely so when you begin playing this game you will know concerning what to do.

Bullet Angel Mod APK Gameplay


In the first place, the TDM is the exemplary group versus groups of Bullet angel, where there will be two groups that will battle on the battlefield, the principal group that arrives not set in stone measure of score or kill inside that given time period will be the victor.

Death Match

In this game mode, there will be no group that will battle with your side, each of the players inside the guide will be your adversaries, kill each player that you see on the guide, and whoever not set in stone measure of kills first will win.

Arms Race

One more Unique sort of game mode in Bullet angel, where each player will battle with a group of one guide, the guide in the weapons contest is so little that it is extremely simple to find an adversary.

  • Therefore, you will be occupied with a practically unending gunfight.

The technician in the weapons contest is to overhaul your weapon during the battle, each time you kill an adversary your weapon will be changed and updated until you arrive at the absolute last weapon.

The principal group that arrives at the last weapon will be the victor, this mode is fun since you can attempt a few weapons that you didn't claim.

Arcade Mode

Besides the six rivalry mode, there are four Arcade modes in Bullet angel that is likewise enjoyable to take an interest like the mummy mode, AI mission mode, the Chicken runs, and ultimately, the Grenade battle, we should examine it.

Mummy Mode

First the Mummy mode, at first you don't have who will turn into the main mummy in every one of the players on the guide.

When the primary mummy seemed it will assault every one of the players that it sees, and those players that assaulted by the mummy will likewise turn into a mummy and when a portion of the people endure they will right away overhaul into a human Hero that will acquire a capacity benefit from dinner weapons that can scarcely hit some Mummy.

If you become a mummy and each of the human players been killed you and some different players that transform into Mummy wins.

Also, in case you are a human player that didn't turn into a Mummy and a few Humans endure or a Human hero kills all the Mummy, then the people will be pronounced as a champ.

AI Mission mode

There is additionally an AI mode in this game Bullet Angel, where you will make a group or join some group in a battle some AI, these AI are called Masao a Robot looks that takes after eliminators in the film.

The repairman is to kill however many Masao as could be allowed and get an opportunity to get some plunder things called "Masao gears" it is a section that you can trade to certain weapons if your fortunate you can get some long-lasting firearms and a few weapons.

Chicken Run

Another great game mode is called Chicken Run where the stalled group will have a higher HP that makes every one of the players in this game mode difficult to kill with firearms and some weapon.

The best way to kill an adversary viably is by getting a Chi cannon that can transform your foe into a chicken and those can make them more powerless against weapons and can without much of a stretch be killed, and when you are the one that becomes chicken.

There are two things that you can do, first run since you can't assault the foe, and you are profoundly helpless in that state when you are a chicken.

The subsequent thing is to track down a protected spot and play out a chicken dance, and when you effectively finish the chicken dance you will transform into a substantially more huge chicken called a Cock Han, where you will profit from your new gigantic HP and a relentless assault that you can undoubtedly kill a foe, the principal group that arrives at a predefined score inside the predetermined time will win.

Grenade Combat

This game mode in Bullet angel is another pleasant mode, where the corner group can't utilize any weapons aside from a projectile to eliminate a foe, yet don't stress since you will have an interminable inventory of explosives in this mode.

So you can uninhibitedly toss a projectile to your adversary, the main group that arrives at the predetermined point inside the given time will win.

Dance to Heal

One of the remarkable elements in this game was its recuperating, when you are harmed, and you need to mend or build your HP you really want to press the dance button and your HP will increment while moving.

At first, I didn't care for it since for me, it was somewhat senseless to move on a battlefield to recuperate, then, at that point.

I understood that you can utilize its moving capacity to give a lot more extensive perspective on the encompassing and spectate on your objective without presenting your area to the adversary.


Presently we should continue on to the controls, as far as control and some control choices that this game offers, well it's magnificent.

I'm dazzled with how adaptable the control choices are on this game, as a four-finger hook client it gives me more spaces for testing and tweaking the controls.

There are many buttons that can be effectively traded starting with one spot then onto the next that gives me significantly more exact when shooting an objective.

You can change the sight tone, empower or handicap point help, there are additionally choices if you need to utilize Gyro, there is a choice to impair some too, and in case you are a finished fledgling, you can utilize the auto-fire or auto-mean to make your point a lot simpler.

However, I energetically prescribe utilizing paw strategy or figuring out how to utilize it since it will give you more control in battle, it can even adversary some PC clients or PC emulator users in this game.

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