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Predator Hunting Grounds


Name Predator Hunting Grounds
First Version April 24, 2020
Exploitation PlayStation 4, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Processor AMD FX-8320 or Intel Core i5-6400
Graphics card GTX 770 or up
Storage 25 GB of available hard disk space
Genre Action


Hunter hunting match-up is distributed by Microsoft Windows and Sony diversion for PlayStation. This computer game has a place with the main individual shooter type, which can be played in multiplayer mode.

Games are something that assists the player with unwinding and elevating his temperament following an unpleasant day or tiring work. Hunter: Hunting Grounds permit the player to at first plays in a fire group as a tip-top part. There is an undeniable Paramilitary activity that happens before the hunter tracks down an appropriate position and assaults the prey.

Predator Hunting Grounds PC Game Description

Predator Hunting Grounds 2021 about

In Predator: Hunting Grounds game, the mission is extremely clear and out-and-out which is to hunt. The player should know about the wilderness fighters and settle on the best decisions about engaging with the best.

In Predator: Hunting Grounds game, the mission is very clear and without a doubt, which is to chase. The player should think about the wild warriors and make the most ideal choices as to drawing in with the best.

"Hunter: Hunting Grounds" happens someplace in the wildernesses of South America. The hunter is given a definitive testing task, which is to follow the prey. This game is a gigantic first-individual shooter game that keeps the player dynamic all through this game.


It is a multiplayer topsy-turvy computer game where the hunter is constrained by one player while the excess four players work. A group is a gathering of officers who are centered around accomplishing missions at the end of medications and gathering Intel. The game is about the player shielding himself from getting pursued or killing the hunter to endure the game till the end.

In this game, there is something many refer to as the Fireteam Voodoo, whose goal is to kill the tasks of the adversaries, which is done through PC programming. They are additionally engaged with doing uncommon undertakings. The fire cooperative people are offered different freedoms by the very strategic game. These chances are made conceivable to the player with the assistance of the game's guides.

In this game, if the human player kills the hunter, "OWLF" will assume liability for the activity and has specialists to educate the watchmen.

An intriguing, yet remarkable reality about this game is that the player has a chance to play as "Yautja", who is a female person. This is whenever that a hunter first game has an alternative like this.

The game permits the players to purchase field storage spaces with the assistance of "Veritanium". The game offers a wide scope of elements to the players, making it an overpowering game.

Predator Hunting Grounds Features

In this game, disappointment can't be a choice. The player ought to guarantee that his prey doesn't escape out of his hands. A few alluring provisions help the player chase the prey. Allow me to take you through a portion of the provisions.

Camouflage Mode - This element empowers the hunter to cover to chase the prey without being distinguished. This element assumes a crucial part in the game and makes it really exciting. This component permits the player to stay stowed away until the perfect opportunity comes for the hunter to chase.

Plasma Caster Mode - This component offers the player that is the hunter to deal with perhaps the deadliest weapon. This is a staggering shoulder standard that can infiltrate plasma bolts during a gun.

Smart Disc - The savvy plate is tiny and is one of the deadly things utilized by the hunter. Savvy Disk is accessible consistently in the hunter's weapons store. The savvy plate when it is tossed focusing on the prey, the direction framework accessible in this component focuses on numerous preys before getting back to the hunter. Isn't simply astounding? This component seems like a boomerang.

Wrist Blade - This magnificent element in this game assists the player with utilizing it while hunting the prey which is promptly accessible in his grasp as it were. This wrist cutting edge is worn by the hunter all through the game, which helps him an objective and kills the prey quickly.

Combi-Stick - The Combi-stick component can be utilized predominantly for battle by the player. This stick is not difficult to stow away from the prey and can be utilized to assault the prey to win and score high focuses.

Field Lockers - Field storage spaces are the plunder case framework that is accessible in this game. This element is opened while the player is playing the game, which assists with changing the presence of the hunter. This component additionally helps in the customization of weapons. Field Lockers can be purchased by the players through "Veritanium".

Download Predator Hunting Grounds for PC

"Hunter: Hunting Grounds" was first declared during the show at the condition of play in the year 2019. The game permits the players to cross-play among PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The game delivered its beta variant in the year 2020. For the people who love to go hunting match-ups, Predator: Hunting Grounds can be engaging, download it now through the link below.

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