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Adobe InDesign


Name Adobe InDesign
Updated 30 août 2021
Exploitation Windows 10 (64-bit) versions 1809, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1.
Processor Multicore Intel processor (with 64-bit support) or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
Supported Video adapter Video card - 32-bit video card
Storage 3.6 GB space available
Genre Adobe Apps


InDesign is design software for newspapers, flyers, brochures, books, magazines, and newspapers. Designs created with InDesign can be published in any virtual and printable format.

InDesign is used by visual designers, artists, publishers, and advertising professionals. Enhanced and built through the Adobe system and can be obtained individually or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. InDesign was previously part of the Creative Suite.

Adobe InDesign Description

What is InDesign CC Software?

Adobe InDesign CC is part of Creative Cloud, a collection of packages used for design, marketing and printing, video, and online communications. Adobe InDesign CC should be used on both macOS and Windows computers.

CC indicates that this extension is part of the Creative Cloud. The modern InDesign model is InDesign CC 2020, updated in June 2020.

The InDesign CC Software provides access to other Adobe resources. Many of these services in InDesign CC include additional paid services that Adobe charges in addition to the monthly CC application license.

This includes Adobe Stock, which provides access to images at an additional cost. Additionally, Type kit fonts are available for an additional cost in addition to the cost of InDesign.

What is the difference between InDesign CS and CC?

Previous versions of the application used the notation CS, which stands for Creative Suite. InDesign CC is subscription-based and requires a monthly or annual fee, while InDesign CS is available as a perpetual license that can be purchased and used forever for a one-time fee.

The functionality you need to work on projects is included in the CC and CS versions of InDesign. Although InDesign CS is no longer supported by Adobe Systems, it can still be used for many projects on macOS and Windows computers.

Significant updates since the ad package were released, and related Adobe applications have been substantially updated.

InDesign History

The InDesign first version of the software was released on 30 August 1999. Development began long before that, when another company, Seattle-based Aldus, was creating desktop publishing software.

Aldus developed some of the first graphics and desktop publishing software. It is available for PCs with older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

These apps include the likes of Super paint and PageMaker. The first version of PageMaker was released by Aldus in July 1985 and introduced a simplified GUI that matched cursor and mouse clicks on the Macintosh, and as a result, PageMaker became popular in the early days of desktop publishing.

The company's heyday in 1990 saw the introduction of PageMaker 4.0, which was considered cutting edge at the time, although it was already starting to face competition from Quark, Inc. It is a small Denver-based startup that created the QuarkXPress ezine app.

Finally, Adobe merged InDesign with Photoshop and Illustrator, and then added additional tools to create the Creative Suite. The launch of Adobe InDesign replaced QuarkXPress as the preeminent desktop publishing tool.

Adobe InDesign History

How is InDesign used?

InDesign is basically used to create newspapers, brochures, posters, flyers, magazines, business cards, comics, postcards, stickers, and many other types of documents or visual communication.

What Does Adobe InDesign Do?

InDesign provides the tools you need to design pages and create visual layouts that can be used with both print and digital media. InDesign provides users with a simplified way to create professional-looking pages that can be published and distributed in print or on the web.

InDesign is especially useful for documents containing multiple pages, layouts that combine text and images, and those containing significant amounts of text.

How Much Does InDesign Cost?

Adobe InDesign CC is available as a subscription, and InDesign CC pricing depends on the subscription you choose. An InDesign-only personal subscription costs $19.99 / month for a full-year subscription and $29.99 / month for a subscription only.

For one, Adobe also offers a Creative Cloud plan that includes InDesign plus 20+ other Adobe apps for $49.99 / month or $74.99 / month. If you just subscribe for a month.

Training discounts for Creative Cloud, including InDesign. Students and educators can subscribe to all Creative Cloud apps for $19.99 per month as part of an annual plan, with proof that they are working or attending the qualifying school. There is no monthly payment for the discount rate.

Adobe InDesign cost

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